Electrostatic Separator, Outotec, 3-Stage, Conductor Retreat

Outotec (eForce) High Tension Electrostatic Roll Separator (HTR)

  • Description: The Outotec HTR separator is designed to separate sand size particles based on the conductivity of the minerals or sand. Each machine is controlled by a VFD roll feeder. The material is split and fed to each side of the machine. machines are set up to be either conductor or non-conductor retreat. 
  • Model: HTP (25)231-150
  • 3 stage – Conductor retreat
  • the roll separator on each stage is controlled with variable freqency drive to fine tune the separation
  • Each machine includes flanged product hoppers and dust extraction ports
  • 480 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
  • SN: 703-08, 10-17-08
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Additional information

Weight 5720 lbs
Dimensions 102 × 57.5 × 153.4 in